Alexandre Lopes


I am Alexandre Lopes, and I am currently a PhD Student at the University of Campinas under the supervision of Prof. Helio Pedrini (from the University of Campinas) and Prof. Roberto Souza (from the University of Calgary), and I am a part-time data scientist at Venturus, a Brazillian Inovation Institute.

I am currently a member of the Visual Informatics Laboratory (LIV) of the University of Campinas and Advanced Imaging And Artificial Intelligence Lab [(AI)**2] of the University of Calgary.

My main interest is on computer vision projects, and I am currently working with monocular depth estimation. I had previous experience with NLP, especially working with BERT-based models!

Recent Publications


Lopes, Alexandre; Souza, Roberto; Pedrini, Helio

A Survey on RGB-D Datasets Journal Article

Em: Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol. 222, no. 103489, 2022, ISSN: 1077-3142.

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Teuwen Jonas Beauferris Youssef, Karkalousos Dimitrios

Multi-Coil MRI Reconstruction Challenge—Assessing Brain MRI Reconstruction Models and Their Generalizability to Varying Coil Configurations Journal Article

Em: Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 16, 2022, ISSN: 1662-453X.

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Oliveira, Diulhio; Lopes, Alexandre; Luquezi, Vitor Galassi; Nogueira, Carlos Eduardo; Schiezaro, Mauricio; Liu, Dennis; Pedrini, Helio

A Zero-Shot Image Enhancement Method Based on Human Skin Tone Reference Journal Article

Em: Available at SSRN 4095578, 2022.



Lopes, Alexandre; Nogueira, Rodrigo; Lotufo, Roberto; Pedrini, Helio

Lite Training Strategies for Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese Translation Inproceedings

Em: Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation, 2020.


Beauferris, Youssef; Teuwen, Jonas; Karkalousos, Dimitrios; Moriakov, Nikita; Caan, Mattha; Rodrigues, L'ivia; Lopes, Alexandre; Pedrini, Hélio; Rittner, Let'icia; Dannecker, Maik; others,

Multi-channel MR Reconstruction (MC-MRRec) Challenge--Comparing Accelerated MR Reconstruction Models and Assessing Their Genereralizability to Datasets Collected with Different Coils Journal Article

Em: arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.07952, 2020.